Monday, December 9, 2013

No Tarot Card of the Week this week...

Greetings everyone! It is nearing the end of the semester, and I am in the middle of studying for final exams and finishing up assignments, so no Tarot Card of the Week this week. 

Let me know what you think about my Tarot Card of the Week reflections. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

Be Well!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Four of Wands

Tarot Card of the Week: Four of Wands using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. This card depicts two women at what appears to be a party, they are holding up bouquets of flowers.  There are people dancing behind them.  In front of them is a canopy held up by four wands.  The canopy is decorated with flowers.  

This card symbolizes tranquility and harmony, and indicates the hopes you have about an upcoming event. The canopy, however, is empty, so you may also fear that it will not be as you hoped, or you have some insecurities. A possible celebration is at hand, look at it as an opportunity for you. If things are not as you expect, maybe the Divine has other plans for you. Keep your eyes open, there may be new or old friends there waiting with open arms and flowers wanting you to experience the joy and celebration of life. You never know what may happen if you don't take the chance, open your eyes, look around, and be open to experiences.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: The Moon

Tarot Card of the Week: The Moon using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a path from water, moving through two pillars, over grasses and hills, and going up and over mountains. Coming out of the water is a lobster, on one side of the path is a dog, and on the other a wolf. A full moon shines brightly overhead.

This card indicates that this week you may be beginning to become in touch with your intuition to a greater extent than ever before.  You experience not only your intuition, but also your dreams and imagination becoming stronger.  Intuition can enrich our lives, and if we trust it, it can also provide the necessary insight we are seeking in a particular situation.

Trust that feeling and utilize your intuitive sense to help you make decisions this week.  Depicted on The Moon card is a path.  This path runs through many terrains, including mountains.  When you encounter the “mountains” or different terrain in your life, trust your intuition.  Trust that feeling and utilize your intuitive sense to help you make decisions to get you continuing down the path you would like to follow. The moon lighting your way may cause you to feel some discomfort (the moon has been associated with "lunacy"), but get in touch with that discomfort, it may have something to help or teach you on your journey.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Page of Cups

Tarot Card of the Week: Page of Cups using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a young man holding a cup, looking at a fish that is poking its head out of the cup.  This page is sensitive, emotional, loving, and quite intuitive.  He has a powerful imagination which draws him to the creative and the spiritual.  

You may be on the verge of an emotional or spiritual rebirth. These feelings may seem new and unfamiliar, and at the same time all things may seem possible. You may spend a lot of time daydreaming this week, but not a lot of pressure to act upon it. Reflect upon whether or not it is time to act. Are you daydreaming because it is more comfortable then actually acting upon the situation? Or is the time not right?

The Page of Cups symbolizes something new that is born in your life.  His appearance this week may be an indication that he will be nudging you in the right direction when the time comes, if he is not already.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Eagle and The Hawk

"The Eagle And The Hawk" - John Denver

I am the eagle, I live in high country in rocky cathedrals that reach to the sky.
I am the hawk, and there's blood on my feathers.
But time is still turning, they soon will be dry.
And all those who see me, and all who believe in me
share in the freedom I feel when I fly.

Come dance with the west wind and touch on the mountain tops.
Sail o'er the canyons and up to the stars.
And reach for the heavens and hope for the future
and all that we can be, and not what we are.

Tarot Card of the Week: Strength

Tarot Card of the Week: Strength using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. This card depicts a woman with a lion; she seems to have control over the lion in a confident, yet loving way.  This card symbolizes the strength you have in your potential, and the confidence you have, it’s there even if you don’t see it right now.  

This week you may realize that you have the ability to deal with whatever life may bring.  Any challenges that you face you most likely will conquer with your strength.  Think about the challenges you have overcome in your life, and use this to inspire and give you confidence.  You may find that strength within you that is based on the wisdom and knowledge you have gained through your experiences, and the belief you have for yourself.  Learn to trust your own abilities.  This could lead to self-empowerment.  It could permeate your Spirit, and have a strong affect on how you view things in your life and the decisions you make.  You may realize that your inner strength will guide you to the path, based on your past experiences.  Your confidence in your potential and belief you have in yourself indicates that you will be able to make the decision that is best for you.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Six of Swords

Tarot Card of the Week: Six of Swords using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. This card depicts a man directing a boat across a lake.  On the boat appears a woman, all bundled up, almost hiding; and a child.  There are six swords surrounding the woman and child.  The swords almost look like a gate.  

It is possible that while you are feeling your sadness and reflecting upon your current situation, that you may be moving through a gateway to transition.  Although there may be some bumpy waters along the way, this could be viewed as a safe passage.  You have friends who are there to support you while you are making this transition during this difficult time.  Look to them for help and guidance, but remember to follow your own path and what is best for you.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Three of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Week: Three of Pentacles using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts an artist working in a church.  He is with a monk and a church architect.  They illustrate that the best work combines technical skills (the architect) and spiritual understanding (the monk) with creativity, energy, and desire (the artist).  They are working as a team to achieve their goal.  The architect is holding the sketched out plans for the job at hand.

The Three of Pentacles reminds us that in order to be more productive, we may need to work with others.  You do not have to work by yourself; you can work with a team to get the job done.  The architect is holding the plans for the task; his message is that we must ensure proper planning as well, not to rush into something without preparation.  Have you tried allowing others to assist you?  There may be people in your life that can help you through your issues or tasks because they have experienced the same thing.  Or, someone may have a different way of looking at the situation, which could guide you to a solution. Seek out guidance, work with others, and allow them to share their experiences with you, and listen.  Their advice may be exactly what you need at this point in your life.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Columbus Day?

Today is Columbus Day in the United States. I wish the truth about Columbus was taught in our schools.

Dispelling the ideas we have about Columbus: Christopher Columbus was awful (but this other guy was not) - The Oatmeal

Tarot Card of the Week: The Fool

Tarot Card of the Week: The Fool using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  It depicts a man standing on the edge of a cliff, looking like he is ready to leap off.  He seems very content with life, unafraid of what is in front of him.  He has complete faith that life is good, and worthy of trust.  He is holding a white flower, which represents pureness of heart and innocence.  This innocence brings him joy. The bag he is carrying represents his skills, which he has not opened or accessed yet.

The appearance of The Fool this week indicates that you may have, or are about to strike out on a new path. You are ready to approach life with a fresh perspective, trusting again, and with a carefree attitude.  This path could bring about discovery, adventure and personal growth.  While on this new path, remember the message of The Fool when you encounter a decision that has to be made or when in a moment of doubt.  The Fool reminds us to keep our faith in life, and trust our natural responses.  Also, have courage and optimism, for that leads to learning and personal growth.  When you are open to new experiences, you may find yourself in situations that allow you to meet new people and develop relationships, or encounter new opportunities that you had not realized had the potential to grow.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Queen of Cups

Tarot Card of the Week: Queen of Cups using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. This card depicts a woman sitting on a throne balanced between water and land, holding an ornate gold cup, and looking at the cup intently.  She is someone who knows what she wants and is willing to take the necessary steps to get it, but she always acts with an awareness of love.  She is compassionate, and never reacts with anger or impatience.  Because she acts out of love, she needs to be careful also.  She may have difficulty identifying her true self-interests in the midst of her responsiveness to others.  

The Queen of Cups could be a representation of you.  Do you feel that you are someone who goes after what she wants and takes the necessary steps to reach that goal, but go about it in a loving, compassionate way?  The Queen of Cups reminds us to think and feel as she does, to trust your heart.  But, at the same time keep in mind your needs.  Do not lose site of your self-interests in the midst of your responsiveness to others.  Reflect upon the Queen of Cups, her energies are around you this week.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Four of Cups

Tarot Card of the Week: Four of Cups using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. This card depicts a man sitting in front of three cups.  He is looking at them with apathy, possibly boredom, or even mistrust.  There is a hand emerging with a new cup.  But, he is not noticing this cup and it’s new possibilities, he is expecting it to be the same as the three cups before him.  

Did the choices you made in the past end up with the same results?  Have you been approaching things the same way without considering a change?  Or, are you possibly not seeing good things that may be occurring in your life?  The appearance of the Four of Cups this week indicates a possibility of something there that may not be as it appears, or you may be taking it for granted.  Do not presume that what is being presented to you is the same as it always has been.  If you did, you would be making the same mistake as the man in the Four of Cups, that the new cup is the same as the others.  A new idea could be presented to you this week to help you, but, you must allow yourself to be open to it, it could be the solution you have been searching for.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Page of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Week: Page of Pentacles using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. This card depicts a young man lightly holding a pentacle, he is fascinated by it.  He symbolizes a person who approaches activities with fascination, someone who is not driven by rewards or social position, but by the work itself.  He is a student who immerses himself in the world and all of its wonder, sometimes at the detriment of not noticing what is around him.  The Page of Pentacles is also known as a messenger bringing opportunities of prosperity.

The Page of Pentacles suggests that a message or messenger may come your way that could bring the information that you have been waiting on. This message could take the form of a sign or something that happens which may give you a clue as to how to proceed. Be sure to be on the lookout for it this week. The Page of Pentacles also reminds us to watch those around us, both successful and unsuccessful, to learn from them to see how we can achieve our desired goals.  When the message is received, take the time to consider the next steps you may need to take.  Just like the Page of Pentacles, we need to collect the necessary education and experience to get to where we want to go.  But be sure to look up from your research once in a while so as not to miss what is going on around you. Take a look at those around you who are living the life that you are seeking. Ask them what they did to get there, learn from them, and be a student.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: The Empress

Tarot Card of the Week: The Empress using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a Mother Goddess type of woman; she is sitting in a vast lush, meadow.  She is the embodiment of fertility, love, emotion, and abundance.  She also symbolizes the creation and sustaining of life through loving care and devotion.  

Because The Empress appeared this week, you may find the need to give yourself emotionally.  You may have very strong emotions for those around you. The Empress card indicates giving yourself emotionally, but you might also want to look at things logically.  Try to reflect upon your situation or relationships as objectively as possible, not allowing your emotions to become too strong while you look at it.  Remember to try to view it with some logic, and ask yourself, do you want to continue with the path you are on?  Is it in your best interest?  Utilize your intuition but also utilize logic as to what path you should take, as intuitive feelings are often based on past experiences.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Eight of Swords

Tarot Card of the Week: Eight of Swords using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a woman who is bound, and blindfolded.  There are eight swords in the ground surrounding her.  She feels helpless.  But, the binds that tie her are loose; she could easily slip out of them, remove her blindfold and move the swords out of her way to free herself.  

The Eight of Swords symbolizes that which you believe is holding you back, but, actually, it is only the perception of the situation that is holding you back.  The swords could represent the doubts you have. Does something seem to be holding you back?  Do you feel trapped, or helpless, not in control?  This week reflect and see how you can remove your blindfold, and expand your ideas to decide how to take control of the situation.  Just as the woman in the Eight of Swords, you may only think that you are bound by your surroundings.  Look beyond the swords that surround you, you may be able to get past them.

Friday, August 30, 2013

No Tarot Card of the Week next week...

There will not be a Tarot Card of the Week next week. I will be back with it again on September 9. Have a wonderful weekend and week!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Taking a break from doing Tarot Readings...

I have started to get busy, and my schedule will get even busier in the coming weeks. The last two weekends I have been working at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and I will be there for the rest of the run until the end of September. I work at the front gate, so I get to see pretty much everyone coming and going from the festival.

Photo by Pict Studios

Although it is exhausting (I work Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 7:30pm and I am on my feet just about the entire time), I love working there. The people working and performing there are so great, it truly is like a big family. And I get so much joy and satisfaction out of seeing the smiling faces of the patrons as the enter and leave the festival. I can feel them letting go of the hardships, stresses, and hang-ups of the "real" world. They are able to escape, let go, and have some fun in the world of the Renaissance Festival. I am proud to be a part of something that can give that to them.

I have also started school. I am going back to college to get my Associates in Environmental Studies along with an Environmental Science Technician Certificate.  A different path for me, but it is not necessarily new.  

I am excited about all that I am doing, but unfortunately some things I have to let go of for the time being.  I am taking a break from doing readings. I hope to be back again soon. 

I am still planning on posting my Tarot Card of the Week, as well as other spiritually related posts here when I am able and inspired to. So do keep an eye on my blog as I continue on my journey. And I always welcome your comments relating to my posts here.

Be well!

Tarot Card of the Week: Six of Cups

Tarot Card of the Week: Six of Cups using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  The Six of Cups depicts an older child giving a gold cup with a flower to a younger child.  This card may symbolize nostalgia, or reflecting upon childhood and good times. 

You may decide to look at the past which could help you find ways to deal with things this week.  Happy childhood memories brings a smile to your face. What was it about that time that was so carefree, can you try to bring some of that joy to your life and those around you this week? You may find strength within your own family, or the sense of responsibility you have for them.  The Six of Cups may also indicate nurturing as shown by the older child giving to the younger child, however, the younger child is heavily bundled in clothing, illustrating that the younger child in the card may be overprotected.  Be careful of being overprotective of those around you this week, although they may know that you do it out of love, it could be seen as too smothering.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Eight of Wands

Tarot Card of the Week: Eight of Wands using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.    This card depicts eight wands moving through the air, they are all going in the same direction.  The Eight of Wands indicates that this week you may experience action and a focused direction or movement toward a goal which is necessary. Often this card symbolizes the end of a stagnation period or delay.  

You may take a sudden and unexpected move forward during the week in regards to some aspect in your life that may have not seen much progress.  You could begin to learn to communicate and meet others, be more social, as this may help you in your movement forward.  And you may make some decisions about the direction you would like to go.  The action and movement symbolized by the Eight of Wands indicates that you may experience action or focused movement this week.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: The High Priestess

Tarot Card of the Week: The High Priestess using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a woman in spiritual robes, with a headpiece depicting the three phases of the moon.  There is a curtain behind her blocking the view.  But, when looking closely, you can see water behind the curtain, a lake.  

The High Priestess symbolizes that you need to take the time this week to withdrawal and reflect; to spend time contemplating and seeking peace more than the answers, and through this the answers may come to you when the time is right.  You may need to utilize your intuition, reflect upon your life or a particular aspect or situation, and what you have learned.  The High Priestess may also indicate a secret that is being guarded, or there is some hidden aspect which could be having an affect on you. This could be a secret you are keeping. Or one that is being kept from you by either someone else, or you are not seeing something which could be affecting you, it is hidden from your view and you may need to seek it out in order to find it. This is not intended to cause paranoia, but something to reflect upon.  The High Priestess reminds us to use intuition to help you.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Natural Witchery and Chakra Chart

I am currently reading Natural Witchery by Ellen Dugan. Quite an enjoyable book, I like her laid back, casual writing style, and her approach to the practice of Witchcraft -- do what feels right to you, and don't think that you need to do fancy rituals, say a lot of words or speak in iambic pentameters in spells or affirmations. :) I like that, it's more my style.  I had an opportunity to meet her at a local Pagan event, and attend one of her presentations. And she is just like the way she writes, confident, down to Earth, approachable, and practical.

One of the topics she discusses in her book is chakras.  She includes some exercises to help get in touch with your chakras and get them into balance.  My knowledge of chakras right now is rather limited. But I stumbled upon this helpful chart on Facebook, and thought I would pass it along to you:

Do any of you work with chakras? What experiences have you had? Any thoughts, comments, or recommendations?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Five of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Week: Five of Pentacles using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a male and a female, poverty stricken and suffering, walking past a church or sanctuary during a snowstorm.  The Five of Pentacles indicates that you may feel that there is or was suffering in your life.  There may also be someone whom you have a powerful bond with, and you suffer together.  This card symbolizes economic setbacks, insecurities, or neglecting of health.  

Both people in the Five of Pentacles, however, are surviving, although it is difficult.  They do not see the church that they pass, which can provide help for them, relief from the storm.  The church may symbolize any type of support -- friends, family, counseling, etc.  This support can help through the tough times.  The message of the Five of Pentacles is that although times are difficult, there is help somewhere nearby; and that whenever there is hardship, it is usually only temporary. This week remember the Five of Pentacles, and look for that support which can help you.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dumortierite - Increased Patience and Enhanced Intellectual Abilities

It is getting to be that time of year...I am noticing more "Back To School" signs and promotions. It may be more obvious to me now because I am going back to college in the Fall, to get my Associates Degree in Environmental Studies along with my Environmental Science Technician Certificate.  I am really looking forward to this new endeavor. But it has been a while since I have attended college, ahem...about 20 years. ;) lol.

Interestingly, a particular gemstone, dumortierite, had appeared to me recently. I had never heard of it before, until I was admiring a lovely hand made mug with a dumortierite stone on it (check out Healing Touch Pottery - When I read that it helps increase intellectual abilities, and that it "is a highly useful aid for anyone who is studying... as it assists the retention of information... as well as enhancing your will power, and capacity for self mastery." I knew that was a stone that I need to have close to me now. I felt that it was speaking to me and that it appeared to me for a reason.

Read more about dumortierite and see if it is a stone that could help you as well:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Judgement

Tarot Card of the Week: Judgement using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  The image is of the Resurrection, with people rising from the Earth up to an angel in the sky sounding a trumpet to call them.  In readings, this card symbolizes a call from within to make an important change.  This change could be something mundane and immediate, or an entire shift in a person’s outlook on life.  Often, the person has already changed; he or she just needs to recognize it.

The appearance of the Judgement card tells us to acknowledge a wonderful change that may be coming this week. Or you may realize that you have developed a different outlook on your approach to something or have you changed how you interact with others.  It does not say that you should change, but that you may have already changed in some profound way.  This could be seen as a fresh start for you, for the Judgement card often is a sign that renewal is at hand, a rebirth of sorts that could lead to discovering joy.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: The Chariot

Tarot Card of the Week: The Chariot using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a man in a chariot with two sphinxes, one black, and one white.  The sphinxes appear to be moving in opposite directions, however they are under control.  This man is self-assured, and he has a strong will.  He has come back from a victorious battle and has control of his world.  He has not conquered the world with aggression, he has done so because of his confidence and hope and belief in potential solutions. 

The appearance of this card indicates that you learn to take control of your emotions and decisions this week. Or contradictions may occur for you at work or amongst others you interact with that need to be controlled.  This needs to be backed up with a strong will, and confidence.  This card also symbolizes the need for self-control.The two sphinxes often symbolize conflicts, and the man in the chariot has control of the conflicts, he has learned to deal with them.  You may be conflicted between your material and financial goals, ideas, achievements, and the longing and having a different view of life, knowing there is more.  The conflict could be your struggle with these new perspectives, and looking at life a little differently than those around you.  The Chariot energies that are surrounding us this week indicates success in overcoming this conflict, and acquiring the admiration of those around you.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sun Magick

I am really excited about this book that I picked up today at a local new age/pagan shop:

Most Wiccan and Witchcraft books seem to focus on the Moon and Moon magick.  I have read and own several of them that I have collected over time.  However I have found, especially within the last few years, that I am much more drawn to the Sun than I am to the Moon. I am probably considered more of a day person than night (I tend to go to bed around 11pm or midnight and wake up around 7am or 8am).  I love to do daytime warm weather activities such as hiking, bicycling, swimming. And I am more in tune with the Solar holidays and change of seasons than I am with the phases of the Moon.  Many times, and I am embarrassed to say this because I feel like a bad Pagan because of it lol, I don't even know what phase of the Moon it is at any given time, unless I look up at the sky at night and can see it or look it up online.

Additionally, I have started suffering from seasonal affect disorder during the long Michigan winters.  We now have daylight bulbs in our house, which helps a bit, but it is not the same as enjoying the Sun on a warm Summer day.

When I was browsing through the shop today, this book caught my eye and I was thrilled to find it! I can't wait to read it and learn more about Sun magick!

Friday, July 19, 2013

A "Ten of Cups" Moment...

One of my other interests is nature photography, and this evening weather conditions were just right for me to see this lovely rainbow in front of my house.

Quite a "Ten of Cups" moment, which is also the Tarot Card of the Week this week.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

List of Native American Deities

"Native American tribes have maintained numerous mythologies regarding deities throughout their histories. Native American belief systems include many sacred narratives. Such spiritual stories are deeply based in Nature and are rich with the symbolism of seasons, weather, plants, animals, earth, water, sky & fire. Deities play a large part in these narratives."

Good morning. I came across this list of Native American Deities on Native American Encyclopedia and wanted to pass it along. I find Native American Encyclopedia to be a good resource of information.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Ten of Cups

Tarot Card of the Week: Ten of Cups using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a positive, happy image of a family.  The mother and father are looking up at a rainbow in the sky, and the children are next to them dancing merrily.  This card traditionally signifies family and domestic happiness, however it can also indicate any situation that brings joy.  It is also recognizing the good in a situation, being optimistic.  This is a wonderful card, and shows that you could potentially be very happy and fulfilled.

The Ten of Cups also symbolizes the love, support, happiness, and optimism that you can receive from family, friends, or community.  If you need a source of support this week consider your friends or family.  They could possibly provide the guidance and assistance you need if you go through a difficult time, or offer you a different perspective.  Have you looked for the joy of this type of support, and what it could perhaps offer you?  Are you honest and open with them emotionally?  The aid of family and friends can sometimes help through times of need.  The Ten of Cups also reminds us that happiness can be found with friends or family, not fame or wealth.  A bright outlook is possible for this week, and the support of friends or family could contribute to that happiness and bring you optimism.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Three of Wands

Tarot Card of the Week: Three of Wands using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a man on top of a mountain with three wands.  He is looking out over a cliff at boats sailing by, and seems to be in a secure position.  His view from the mountaintop gives him a different perspective of the world around him.  He has detached himself from the situation to gain vision.  This prevents him from acting in the heat of the moment, and to step back and reflect upon it.

The Three of Wands message for this week may be to take the mountaintop view of a situation, to step away from it and view it from another perspective.  Look at the bigger picture.  The boats in the card could symbolize experiences you have had that you can reflect upon.  Rely upon your knowledge and strength you acquired in your life.  You may be successful where you are at now, but are longing for something else.  How can this longing be satisfied?  The Three of Wands also speaks of stepping away from a situation, and not acting in the heat of the moment, when you may end up with regrets.  So the energies of this card are advising not to rush into the decision, think about it carefully.  If you view the situation and decision you make from the mountaintop, looking at the big picture, after some reflection, it may help you in deciding what path you would like to follow.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Queen of Swords

Tarot Card of the Week: Queen of Swords using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a queen sitting alone on a hill, she has a sword in her right hand that she is holding upright, and her left hand is reaching out as if to welcome.  This card symbolizes the experiences of sorrow and wisdom, and the connection between them.  The appearance of the Queen of Swords indicates the mental anguish and difficulties you may be going through this week.

The Queen of Swords, being thought of as a warrior, did not feel sorry for herself, instead, she is known to face her difficulties with courage.  She is an independent woman with her own values and ideas, and is ready to battle using femininity and creative intellect. The upright sword that the queen holds symbolizes truth, and justice.  The suit of swords represents intellect and logic.  When you communicate with others this week, remember to try to be as objective and rational as possible, clearly articulating what needs to be said. But also have an open mind during this process.  Be confident and face the challenge with courage.  Look at your past successes and failures, as difficult as it may be, to see what worked and what did not, see the truth, so that you can make changes in your future as needed.

The Queen of Swords has appeared this week to help you realize that you are gaining wisdom from this experience, and you may eventually face the world with an open hand, trusting again, and maybe even sharing your experiences with others who are going through what you are, or to welcome new ideas from others who want to help.  The Queen of Swords appears to have her head above the clouds, this represents seeing the truth.  Try to do the same thing, lift your head above the clouds in your life to see the truth. This could mean looking at things logically and rationally, instead of using only emotions.  This may help you see the path you need to take. Reflect upon the symbolism of the Queen of Swords. Her energies are around you this week.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: The Lovers

Tarot Card of the Week: The Lovers using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a man and woman with an angel flying above them.  The traditional image of this card shows a man with two women, possibly that he needs to make a choice between the two.  

This card is could represent a harmonious relationship, or the need to make a choice.  Although this choice could be between two lovers, it can also mean a choice between two paths in life.  It is possible that this week you will enter into a romantic relationship or another sort of partnership where choices or decisions will have to be made.  Gentle and honest reflection and communication will be necessary.  The angel in the card signifies that Divine inspiration is there to help guide you.  The man depicted on the card seems to be intently looking at the woman, but she is looking away from him.  And in the background there is a mountain, but it stands between them. There may be another interested person who is trying to get your attention, but you may be too focused on other things to notice, or there are barriers coming between you.  Be on the lookout for this.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Ace of Swords

Tarot Card of the Week: Ace of Swords using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  The Ace of Swords depicts a hand holding a sword, it is reaching out from the clouds.  The sword is piercing the crown.  The Ace of Swords represents intellect, and the crown symbolizes the material world.  The sword is pointing up, which represents commitment to the truth, or innovative ideas.  

This week you may find yourself filled with new ideas that you would like to implement.  Could mentioning these new ideas possibly help you, maybe make things more interesting and challenging for you?  Thinking about new and creative ideas, innovative ways of doing things, combined with a decisive mood may help you get to where you want to be.  

There may be a new opportunity presenting itself to you, a new way to view something outside of the material world, a new sense of abstract thought or ideas.  This week consider seizing this opportunity, and grabbing at this chance you have, and learn from what it gives you.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: The Hanged Man

Tarot Card of the Week: The Hanged Man using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a man hanging upside down from a tree.  He is there by his own choosing.  He is there to gain enlightenment; this is illustrated by a bright halo around his head.  He is trying to gain wisdom through suffering, and he has given up things that he is attached to in order to gain higher awareness.  The Hanged Man symbolizes someone who views things differently than society out of attachment to a greater belief, even a reversal of previous attitudes. 

Have your views changed?  Have you developed an attachment to a greater belief?  If not yet then you may realize it this week.  You may find that you will change your point of view about something, or see that there is a need to view it from a different perspective.  This card may also indicate giving up something to gain something else.  You may be giving up one thing, or need to give up something, in exchange for what you feel will be of greater benefit to you.  It could be leaving behind a perspective or viewpoint.  There may be a need to release ideas and associations that are obsolete, which could be affecting your development.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today's Message from Earth Magic Oracle Cards - Eagle (Communion)

The Earth Magic Oracle Cards were calling again. Today I drew Eagle (Communion).

Taken from the guidebook:

Here the man and eagle make contact through their eyes and spirits. The man has performed a ceremonial calling to Eagle brother, who now comes to him as a familiar friend.  It's an intimate relationship between human being and feathered being, one of both spirit and flesh.  Yet it's ultimately this deep spiritual kinship that connects them, formed from their recognition of the sacredness of this bond.
Eagle Spirit is often associated with the highest and noblest, encouraging us to let our spirits soar. Through this communion, we know that we can touch the sky.  We know that we can be more than just two-legged creatures clinging to the ground. We're intimately related to all of Life on the planet, and it's through communing with any expression of Life that we realize how vitally connected we all are.

Whenever you experience a heartfelt communion with some physical expression of Life -- plant, animal, human, or anything else -- it is only then that you can truly feel how your life force is similar to the life force that is all around you. It is only a matter of the differences in form.  An essence is articulated into the physical world in a multitude of ways that is the same in everything and everyone, although it manifests in various shapes and characteristics.  The essence is Spirit emanating from the core of all things.
Communion with Nature is essential for you now. Take some time to do an open-eyed meditation with any nearby animal or plant.
Relax your body as much as possible, breathe consciously, and keep your attention on the life-form you are communing with. After a few moments, you will notice a sense of the boundaries, dissolving, a melding of the "I" and "Thou."  You may even receive messages or impressions as you find yourself in the flow of unspoken communication.

Yes. This is true. I feel this connection. And you can too, all you need to do is listen, look, and feel. It's there, it always has been.  You will know when it happens, for it is not superficial. Those that are touched by it understand, but know that it is not something elusive, we all can connect in this way.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Five of Wands

Tarot Card of the Week: Five of Wands using the Universal Waite Tarot DeckThis card depicts five men, each with a large stick, fighting with each other.  They are practicing their fighting skills.  The Five of Wands represents competition or debate.

This week you may find yourself in the middle of some sort of competition or debate, mixing it up with others, however the appearance of the Five of Wands usually means a healthy or friendly sort of competition or debate.  The competition may be stiff, and if you "win", you will continue to be challenged.  This could be exciting for you, heated, and filled with action and rivalry.  You may need to be firm and hold your ground, maintain confidence in yourself and your goals.  You may spend a lot of time “mixing it up” with others or being involved in “politics.”  Although this could be challenging, you efforts and confidence will likely not go unnoticed.  This week you may be interacting a great deal with others, and, you will have to have the strength to defend your position.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Temperance

Tarot Card of the Week: Temperance using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a woman standing with one foot in the water, and one on the land.  She is holding two cups, and pouring water from one cup to the other.  There is glow around her head, symbolizing that she has reached enlightenment through achievement of balance.  There is a path leading behind her.  The path leads through mountains, and the sun (which is in the shape of a crown) is shining at the top of the mountains.  This card indicates moderation, not going to extremes, and getting control of our own actions and emotions.  Keeping things in harmony.  This card also has the message of enlightenment. 

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, or need to make a decision this week, Temperance reminds us to have a calm approach and find a middle path.  This may often mean doing nothing, just to stay calm in the midst of craziness, simply to wait.  It can also tell us that we can achieve harmony and balance in our lives by not going to extremes, gaining control. Look at the risks and rewards before you make a decision, and also maintain control of your actions and emotions.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tarot Card of the Week: Ten of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Week: Ten of Pentacles using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. This card illustrates an old man, watching his family, they appear wealthy. The ten pentacles are over the picture of the card, as if to overlay what is happening in the image. 

Abundance can be financial or material, or spiritual, or other joys such as family and friends. The Ten of Pentacles appears this week to remind us of the abundance we have around us, and to enjoy it. Realize that others may feel comfort when they are around you, and are also aware of how much you have to give. There are those that see you as a good friend, and they can feel the magic that surrounds you. Sometimes we all feel like we are lacking something in our life, when this happens try to remember the Ten of Pentacles, and what you do have in your life that brings you happiness and abundance.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Daily Meditation - Thoughts from Earth Magic Oracle Cards

This morning I was inspired to draw two cards from a deck of oracle cards that a friend gave to me -- Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer.

I first drew Island (Solitude). This card is reminding me that although there may be barren circumstances, there is still beauty to be found (the blooming tree amongst the desolation and harshness). Also, this time may be needed for quiet and solitude, for introspection, and rediscovering oneself, for nourishment of the soul.

The second card, which I see is the result, is Summer Solstice (Radiance). The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year.  The light is at its fullest and most nourishing for the Earth. Many celebrations occur at this time, and people are out and enjoying all of the Sun's glory and abundance. This card symbolizes letting the Sun's radiance to inspire me. 

After a time of solitude, I am re-energized. I am able to share my energy with others, and focus on the positive. I have the energy to bring light, and need to remember to not let negative thoughts affect that energy. I need to get outdoors, enjoy nature and the Sun, to keep that energy flowing.

This reading was reaffirming what I already know about myself.  I know that I am an introvert, and sometimes I need time by myself to re-energize. I think many misunderstand this as being aloof, or that I do not like them, this is not the case.  Introverts need time alone sometimes, otherwise they totally burn out.  The energy of people, and the sharing of their own personal energy with them, can take it's toll on an introvert.  I am reminded of this cartoon that I came across on the internet once, I think it accurately describes an introvert:

This was my first reading with this deck. And I think it was telling me that it was tuned into me.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gemstone Identification

I have some gemstones that I purchased many years ago, and have since forgotten what they were. I want to start taking photos of all of my gemstones and labeling them so I know what they are.  Here are 5 that I was wondering about, a few may have been identified by those who are on my Facebook page, but any input you may have I would appreciate. Just let me know in the comments section the picture number and what you think it may be.


 2. This one has been identified as sodalite.

 3. Possibly moonstone?

 4. This one has been identified as agate.