Thursday, February 28, 2013

Using the Tarot To Increase Your Divine Sexiness with Theresa Valenzuela

"The best part about cultivating your femininity is that it gives you access to the full scope of your power as a woman. Women often feel powerless and disenfranchised. They often perceive femininity as weak, so to gain more power over their lives, they operate from their masculine body and behave like men, especially in business.

This actually drains a woman’s feminine energy and ends up giving her the opposite result from what she wants. By being more feminine, tapping into your intuition and using it as a tool throughout your life, you revel in the Feminine Divine, in your divine sexiness. Believe it or not, it is from this space that you are the most powerful because you are accessing your God-given aspects."

I just came across this really great blog post on Biddy Tarot and wanted to share it:

Using the Tarot To Increase Your Divine Sexiness with Theresa Valenzuela

Check it out!

Tarot Card of the Day: Ten of Wands

Tarot Card of the Day: Ten of Wands using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a man carrying 10 large sticks (this represents the ten wands).  He seems burdened by the sticks, and is carrying them in front of his face, his head is down.  

This card may indicate that you tend to take on all the weight of situations unnecessarily.  If any problems or conflicts occur, do you try to smooth them over?  Do you feel responsible for problems that may arise?  Are you the type who feels you need to do everything yourself?  There may not be cause to take so much responsibility, and it could result in undue pressure on you.  You may not have been able to fully enjoy the benefits of life, to take care of yourself.  You may still be carrying the weight or burdens of your past. Many of these burdens you may have chosen to take on yourself.  Consider the effect this may be having on you, it may be time to put down some of those wands and take time for yourself and to enjoy life.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Curling up with some books and testing with Android

I just installed Blogger for Android and thought I would give it a try.
Tonight I'm curling up under a blanket on the couch to read a couple of books.
See you in the morning with Tarot Card of the Day!

Tarot Card of the Day: Nine of Cups

Tarot Card of the Day: Nine of Cups using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a man, with a smug look, sitting proudly in front of his nine gold cups.  This card symbolizes superficial happiness, getting pleasure out of excesses or material things.  It reflects pure selfish indulgence.

A wish you have may be coming true.  Now you may take some time to sit and take pleasure in what you have accomplished. Be careful about boasting though; it's fine to be proud, but too much pride can be a turn-off to many.  Also beware of laziness and overindulgence, the number nine is not quite the completion in Tarot, so you may not have reached your goals yet.  The Nine of Cups appears to let us know that we may be close to reaching our desires, and should get some emotional pleasure and pride from the benefits, but remember to also be humble and thankful instead of overly proud and indulgent.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ouija Board, Ouija Board, Ouija Board...Would you work for me?

Ouija boards...hearing that seems to strike fear, fascination, or laughable skepticism from people.

I am one who finds them fascinating.

I was first exposed to a Ouija board when I was in high school, maybe 16 years old or so.  A friend of mine had one, and during our study hall time or lunch we would sneak out to her brothers van and try it out.  It was the type that you can find at Toys 'R Us.
We would ask questions like"Who are you?" "What year did you die?", "What year were you born?",  "Does [guy we liked at the time] like me?"  I can say in all honesty that I was not pushing the planchette, and I believe that my friend was not pushing it either.  She and I would usually be able to conjure up some spirit (seemingly friendly) and talk with them a bit.  Sometimes other friends would be there and look on.  Whenever I used the board, my hands and forearms would get cold.

I ended up getting my own Ouija Board (probably at Toys 'R Us), and if I could find friends who were interested and not too freaked out, we would use it.  I continued using it off and on through the early part of college.  Sometimes we would be able to talk to spirits, and sometimes not.  It seems that with certain people our energies were just right and we could talk to the other side.  I was once at a small party in someone's dorm room and we tried it out, but too many people were too freaked out so we stopped. I then put the board away for several years.  I got tired of defending it, and also became a bit self-conscious about using it.

I heard stories from those who feared it, about how you could become possessed  the spirit may not leave, you will be haunted, the board will be haunted, you cannot get rid of it, etc. etc. This never happened to me, nor to anyone I know. However, I always did try to treat the board and those on the other side with respect, but I was prepared to not let something control the situation either.  I was never under the influence of any substance when using it so I would have a clear head, I also made sure that whomever I was using it with was strong, yet respectful of this form of speaking to the other side, and they were also close friends of mine. I would also spiritually cleanse the area and the board each time I used it.

Several years ago I had a Spirit board custom made.

I call this a spirit board instead of a Ouija board because it is not the Ouija brand.  But I think many use the terms Ouija board and spirit board interchangeably.

Although many warn against doing this, I did try using this particular board on my own (I think many of the myths about these boards are perpetuated by mainstream horror movies). But nothing really came of it. I think something did come through, but it was rather weak.

Here is another board in my collection. The creator of this board, Speaking With Spirits (I don't think they are in business anymore) calls this a "talking board".

I do believe that one should approach a Ouija or spirit board with caution, and respect. If you are fearful or unsure about it, do not use it. If you are cocky about it, do not use it.  If you feel anything bad coming through, say good bye to the spirit and cleanse the area and the board (i.e. smudge with sage incense, use a white candle, imagine a white light flowing through).  Do not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when using it.  Just because your friend may want you to try it, don't if you don't want to.  Use at your own risk. Have some sort of psychic protection around you. Be with someone else who has experience with spirit communications. And I would also recommend doing research on spirit communications prior to using it.

I have not actually used a Ouija board in a long time, mostly because I haven't found anyone in my life who is interested in using it with me, and I have not been inspired to use it on my own.  But I still have a fascination for them.  Museum of Talking Boards  is a website that talks about the history of Ouija boards, and has some wonderful images in their gallery of some beautiful old and new boards.  If nothing else, you may find their history and notoriety interesting to read about.

Tarot Card of the Day: Nine of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Day: Nine of Pentacles using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  The Nine of Pentacles depicts a woman in a fruitful garden which she grew herself through hard work.  She is alone, she may have sacrificed relationships in order to work in her “garden” and make it successful.  

You may be at the point in your life, like the woman in the Nine of Pentacles, where you feel you have reached some stability and comfort or have been successful at some venture; and now you may want an additional connection in life, you are longing for more.  She has a hooded falcon on her arm.  This could symbolize feeling sheltered or being blindfolded to what is around you.  You may have needed to be this way, to have the discipline to achieve what you have.  But, although you may have succeeded at some endeavor, or achieved financial comfort, are you searching for something more?  You may gain satisfaction and comfort from what you have built around you, but if you are seeking something more, removing the blindfold and walking out into the world will grant new experiences and relationships.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Tarot Card of the Day: The Magician (Fox)

Tarot Card of the Day: The Magician (Fox) from The Animal-Wise Tarot.  The Fox has been revered at some point by many societies in the world as a keeper of magic and healing, as well as invisibility and shapeshifting abilities.   Fox lives at the edges of forests and open fields - mystical border areas, and are most visible during the twilight hours of dusk and dawn also known as "tween" times.  These sacred places and times are natural doorways between human and magical, and the Fox can guide us into the magical realm, and show us new magic and realms coming into our lives.

Fox is a master of camouflage, it could be very close and yet still be invisible to you.  Fox teaches us that we should use camouflage and quiet invisibility for our activities so that we may observe what others may miss.  What you may learn could be of benefit, knowledge is power. Keep the knowledge to yourself.  You may not see or yet understand what this knowledge means or the benefit, but it could come in use one day.  There is strength in silence, you may be more successful at reaching your goal if you go about it quietly and invisibly, obstacles could be avoided.

Having knowledge of the Fox energies can also help us to understand how to look for it.  Foxes have a keen sense of smell and hearing. Use your instincts to look for what may be hidden or camouflaged, opportunities and difficulties may become apparent.

Fox has appeared to remind us that in order for our magic to gain strength, we  may not want to let others know what we are doing and what we are about until we have accomplished our goal.  If there is something you are working on secretly, it could be a new invention, art, music, computer program, etc.  try to resist the excitement of sharing that with others until you are where you want to be. The power of your knowledge and magic is gaining strength now. If you share too soon the momentum could slow or stop.  Don't be afraid to seek new realms and embrace the magic, Fox is there to guide us.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tarot Card of the Day: Knight of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Day: Knight of Pentacles using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. This card depicts a Knight on a horse, the horse is standing firmly on the ground, and the Knight is holding a pentacle in front of him. This Knight is known to be hard working, responsible, and uncomplaining. Because his horse is firmly planted on the ground, this symbolism suggests that the Knight is deeply rooted in the world; he does not like change or risk. Also, because he is staring over the pentacle he holds in front of him, it may indicate that he is losing sight of his strengths and purpose in life. 

Have you, like the Knight of Pentacles, become firmly planted in your life or routine? You may work hard and are responsible, but are you staring over the Pentacle you hold in your hand? Looking at everything that is beyond what is right in front of you may be the issue. After some reflection, you may realize what should come first because it is closer than you may even realize. Maybe you need to embrace change or take risks to achieve your goals. Look at the meaning of the Knight of Pentacles, evaluate his strengths and weaknesses and learn from them, he has appeared to send you this message.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tarot Card of the Day: Seven of Cups

Tarot Card of the Day: Seven of Cups using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a man looking up into the sky, and in the clouds he sees seven cups.  Each cup has a different image inside.  This card symbolizes options that may present themselves to you.  These options could be manifested through your dreams and fantasies.  You may come to realize that some of these options may not be real, only an illusion.  Some of the choices may not be the best path to take as they may not be what they appear to be.  These choices could be in the form of day-to-day decisions, or a new opportunity.  Be on the lookout for them, they could be there and you may not realize it.  When presented with these choices, remember to be practical.  Research and reflect upon the choices you have, and what may become of your decisions.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Nothing like being thrown back into Tarot readings again :)

One of the sites I read for is Biddy Tarot. I am one of the free tarot readers on there, and I perform 1 card readings.  Wow...after I was added to that site I was flooded with requests for readings!  It has been thrilling to be able to do readings for others again.  It has really thrown me back into it!  I needed to have it this way, just to jump right into it.  To trust myself that the knowledge and insight will come back, and it is.  I have gotten many positive responses from clients regarding my readings, and some whom offered constructive criticism, which will help me to become a better reader.  I have received so many requests that I was having a hard time keeping up, so right now I am not accepting request through Biddy Tarot until I can catch up.  I should be all caught up by Monday and available again.

Tarot Card of the Day: Knight of Wands

Tarot Card of the Day: Knight of Wands using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.  This card depicts a knight on a horse holding a large staff.  He appears to be moving forward with great energy.  The Knight of Wands could mean that there is energy and movement occurring.  Are you planning to travel to a new and adventurous place?  Or, are you thinking about boldly moving forward in some endeavor?  You may be experiencing more power and spirit within yourself.  You do not want to be held back in any way because there is so much energy running through you.  Harness that energy, and you can use it to do many things that you have on your list to do. If you can keep the fire, energy, positive outlook, and enthusiasm going, it could help you reach your goals.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tarot Card of the Day: The Star

Tarot Card of the Day: The Star using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. This card depicts a woman on the edge of a pool of water. She looks very serene. She is pouring water into the pool, and spilling some onto the land, but she is not concerned. This card symbolizes hope and optimism. It represents the calm and healing that occurs after emotional storms.

If you are experiencing an emotional storm, know that that you may have a feeling of optimism and hope in your future. New opportunities and a brighter outlook may appear. Any difficulties can be viewed as something positive, for you are learning through your experiences. There may be some bright spots in your life now, look to those to give you strength during this difficult time. Take time to reflect upon this. After this experience, it is possible that you will find that hope and serenity that you want. Maybe you are already there.