Monday, March 4, 2013

Tarot Card of the Day: The Devil (Raven)

Tarot Card of the Day: The Devil (Raven) from The Animal-Wise Tarot.  The Raven is a bird that has been associated with mysticism and magic, and mixed lore as a symbol of birth and death.  This card is associated with a legend that I would like to reference:

"An old legend speaks of a time when the raven was all white.  A great black pool swallowed up the light of the sun.  The raven dove into the pool to bring forth the light once more.  Though the raven succeeded entirely by it, the pool forever blackened it."

This reminded me of another story that tells of the Raven's connection with light. It was from one of my favorite television shows, Northern Exposure.  In this story, the Raven is associated with the Winter Solstice:

The Raven has appeared to remind us that we need to bring light into the darkness.  We may be wandering aimlessly, not seeing what is there, and possibly going off course. Or, we may need to face some things in our life that has been in the darkness, and in order to resolve it needs to be brought out into the light. We may not be taking the actions we need to.

Ravens are excellent at using tools around them for their purposes.  For example they may use a stone to crack nuts open.  We may also need to use and adapt to tools we have around us to accomplish what we need, and to bring our own light in the darkness, to take responsibility for ourselves instead of relying upon others.

Raven has been into the darkness -- the spirit world -- and returned.  This symbolizes that we can connect with our own spirituality as well to help guide us in this world.

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